Landscaping Maryland

Selling your home?

Have you thought about how the landscape or lack thereof can just as easily bring in potential buyers?  If so, here are a few tips for adding outside interest/curb appeal to your home.

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Spring Chores?

The view out your window may still be gray and brown, but just beneath the surface of your garden the plants are waking up. Now is the time to prepare for the spring gardening season. Many chores need to be done, so you can enjoy your garden when the warm weather arrives.

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Did I pick the right plant?

Have you ever wondered what plants to put where? Are these the best options for the area I am looking to landscape? Believe it or not these are common questions we get every day as landscapers! We decided to come up with our own plant lists that we know are tried and true for the area in which we live in Maryland! These are not meant to be a complete list but more starter lists to get the ball rolling and to show you some plants that you might not have thought of for the space.  As always if you have questions or if you would like some design help please feel free to reach out to us at any time!  RELMS is always here to help with your landscaping needs!