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Winter Damage - Will my plants be ok?

Winter damage! We have all seen this on the evergreens in our yard and in our neighborhood. How does this happen? Can we do anything to prevent it from happening? What is the next step?  Here is a link to help answer your questions,

Some key points to remember are:

  1. Unless the whole plant is brown the plant will most likely recover
  2. Transpiration: this occurs when we have had a dry winter coupled with colder than normal temperatures and windy conditions blowing across the leaves and drying them out
  3. The main thing to remember is to NOT, we repeat, DO NOT FERTILIZE
  4. Water the plant thoroughly once the weather warms up and stays warm
  5. Pruning can be done to remove some of the dead, damaged or broken leaves or simply to rejuvenate the plant and should be done by an industry professional

Rest assured that this is not a new occurence but instead something that is a result of "the perfect storm". Monitor your plants and water when the weather warms up to help the plant(s) recover.  Good luck!