Landscaping Maryland

Selling your home?


When trying to sell a home there are a lot of things you can do to help gain interest from potential buyers such as a fresh coat of paint, new gutters, updating bathrooms, etc.  But have you thought about how the landscape or lack thereof can just as easily bring in potential buyers?  If you have not then here are a few tips for adding outside interest/curb appeal to your home.

1.       Tidy/spruce up outdoor containers

If you are like me you have some planters that have seen better days and by that I mean the plants that are in them need to be replaced. If you have broken planters, individual planters or no planters at all consider getting some if nothing else to at least brighten up and give some height to the entrance to the house. By adding color, texture and height you create a focal point for the main entrance and give the home a sense of place.

2.       Touch up your mulch

No matter what type of mulch you have in your landscape beds be it hardwood, wood chips, pine needles, etc. Mother Nature has a way of making it look dingy after a season. Topdressing, applying a small amount to add new life to the mulch, can be a great way to help make the plants look more prominent in the beds and give a finished look to the bed in general.

3.       Plant some instant color

Have you ever driven by a house and wondered what all the colorful plants were and where the homeowner got them? Color draws us in both visually and mentally.  So when you are looking at planters remember to talk up the folks that work at your local garden center.  Ask them for their input and maybe see what they would recommend in the planters you are looking at buying. Feel free to plant some in the landscape beds around the entrances as well to draw attention to the areas of highest traffic. You will be surprised what a splash of color can do!

4.       Unsightly, dead and overgrown trees and shrubs

Sometimes it’s a tough decision to take a plant out or leave it in, especially if it looks mostly healthy.  Just remember that looks can be deceiving!  A good rule of thumb is that if the plant is more than 50% dead then it should be replaced. Also if a plant looks out of place do not hesitate to move it or remove it completely.  Lastly if things are overgrown, remember that pruning is not just to shape the plant but to also help keep it healthy and spend its energy where it is most beneficial. 


WEEDS!  WEEDS EVERYWHERE!!!  A question that gets asked a lot in our industry is if something is a weed.  The answer is always the same, do you want it there? Do you have an attachment to the plant in question? If the answer is no to these questions then pull it/them out! A weed is nothing more than an unwanted plant in your garden.  Remove them all, by the roots preferably, to ensure that they do not come back.  It sounds easy but trust me it is not a simple as it seems. Keeping the garden looking tidy will enhance your chances of drawing in more buyers and selling your home faster!