Lawn & Turf Care

Lawn Aeration

Best performed in the fall, our lawn and turf care aeration offers new vigor to tired turf. During aeration, we mechanically break through your turf’s thatch layer and remove a 2-3 inch core, allowing air, water and nutrients to flow freely in to the root system of the plants. Maryland lawns can present some unique challenges with various quality soils, high heat and humidity, and occasional long dry spells. Relms Landscaping can service your yard to grow lush, thick, healthy grass for a lawn you will be proud of.

Broadcast Overseeding

Performed in conjunction with the Aeration and other lawn and turf care services, this application includes 3-4 lbs of seed per one thousand square feet of turf area. This allows us to introduce new seed varieties into your lawn, increasing your lawn’s resistance to environmental stresses.


Lawn, Grass Cutting, Aeration and other Lawn and Turf Care Services in Annapolis, Edgewater, Crownsville, Severna Park

Relms Landscaping lawn and turf care supplies clients throughout Maryland with the best lawn and grass cutting to keep your property looking great year-round. As the local expert, we know what varieties of grass work best in the variety of conditions found here in Maryland. Shady, sunny, drainage areas, and sandy soil all present challenges to a beautiful lawn – Relms Landscaping can help you to achieve a beautiful lawn with a minimum of effort.