Residential Landscape Installation Services

At Relms Landscaping, we understand the power of a well-designed and a beautifully maintained landscape available through residential landscape design services. A finely crafted design-build landscaping project can reveal your home’s untapped beauty and functionality. Beginning with a base map of the property, we consider the style of the home, existing site features and limitations, soil type and condition, climate, and customer preference to select materials, plants and accents that will add beauty and value to the property.

We choose only high quality, healthy plant material selected from growers around the area to ensure that our client’s landscapes will thrive. Perennials that are highlighted by annuals quite often offer a nice framing for many landscapes.


Design, Install, Maintain

Carefully scheduled maintenance care keeps your landscape in peak condition all year long, preserving your property investment. Our Relms Landscaping designers and certified maintenance professionals have years of success working with clients to envision their homes’ hidden potential, and will provide you with the professional, expert services you need to help you make your vision of home a reality.  What’s more, with a landscape design by Relms Landscaping, we take into account your requests for important aspects like the amount of maintenance, watering, and general upkeep.