Tree & Shrub Services

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Our tree and shrub experts can ensure your plants’ health and increase your bloom quotient with a few well-timed pruning services. Pruning is a key part of maximizing your landscape’s beauty and maintaining its ideal size, and is scheduled as horticulturally recommended for each tree and shrub species. Tree pruning is best done in winter, during your tree’s dormant months. Flowering shrubs are best pruned after blooming periods.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

We offer deep-root feeding for trees, and shrub fertilization services, both specifically designed to optimize the nutrient availability and health of your plantscape.

Horticulture Oil, Insecticide & Fungicide Application

Your plants may be hosting pests not readily available to the untrained eye. Our horticultural experts will examine your plants to determine the best treatment plan for your specimens, whether it be an application of insecticidal oil to treat dormant pests, or one of a complete range of insecticide or fungicide treatments to root our active pests and fungi.